Brief History: Knickerbocker Watch Company

1890 - 1930

New York, New York

Knickerbocker Watch "X-Mas Gift Selling" Sales Advertisement,
November 1910.


The Knickerbocker Watch Company was an importer only; they did not produce their own watches. Considered one of the "Dollar Watch" companies (similar to Ingraham or Ingersoll), they primarily sold imported lower-grade Swiss watches and inexpensive American watches produced for them by the New England Watch Company. Several of their models used a duplex escapement, as shown in the photo below.

Knickerbocker Watch. Duplex escape wheel visible just below balance.

The repair of Knickerbocker watches has become quite challenging due to the lack of availability of parts. In many cases it is simply not possible to locate parts, and repairs for certain models are either impossible or impractical. Since they were primarily low-cost watches, cost of repairs can often exceed the "book value" of the watch.

Knickerbocker Watch Company
Serial Numbers and Production Dates

Most Knickerbocker watches were not marked with a serial number, and there are no known import or production records for Knickerbocker watches.